Welcome to Healthy & Happy Hour!

Some might say I’m obsessed with the wellness scene. From the latest fitness trends (hello, Classpass!) and healthy hotspots (current obsession: Wonder Press) to wellness media (go there, now) and my Insta life, I can’t get enough.


I’m all about keeping it clean in the kitchen, but a girl can appreciate a really good (grass-fed bison) burger and a craft beer with friends on the weekends. I live in Denver after all! That’s why I’m spreading the Healthy & Happy Hour lifestyle, so YOU can live a life of balance without backtracking your goals.


Why listen to me? I’m a registered dietitian/nutritionist, yes, but I’ve also been there, too. After years of putting my career before my own health, I finally found something that works for me AND helps me live my dream of inspiring others to do the same. Want to know how? Read my story.

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