Thirty Before 30

I’m a firm believer in leading a purpose-driven life. For me, it’s important to set goals and constantly be working towards something. This is how you grow both personally and professionally. So here’s thirty things I want to accomplish before I’m 30 years old – some are fun and some are more serious. Keep checking in on my progress!

  1. Graduate with my MBA.
  2. Visit Hawaii.
  3. Make my own pickles.
  4. Take a voice lesson.
  5. Visit all of the breweries in Denver.
  6. Climb at least 5 fourteeners.
  7. Go fly fishing and cook the fish I catch.
  8. Buy a DSLR camera and learn how to use it.
  9. Compete in a triathlon.
  10. Adopt a dog.
  11. Have a quote in a major long-lead health and fitness publication.
  12. Be interviewed on-camera for local or national news.
  13. Learn how to change a flat tire.
  14. Raise a vegetable garden.
  15. Plant a fruit tree.
  16. Own a home.
  17. Bake a pie from scratch.
  18. Host a crawfish boil.
  19. Try stand-up paddle boarding.
  20. Obtain conceal and carry license.
  21. Learn how to operate a sailboat.
  22. Give a presentation at a national conference.
  23. Publish a book or cookbook.
  24. Swim with dolphins.
  25. See George Strait and Jason Aldean in concert.
  26. Go on a road trip with no itinerary and no destination.
  27. Attend a taping of The Today Show or Good Morning America.
  28. Buy a car.
  29. Drive down Route 1 in California and drink wine in Napa.
  30. Cook a turkey.

2 responses to “Thirty Before 30

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  2. Rachael

    Love #6, this is the summer to do it!

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